Atari 8-bit Projects

This is a small page for my Atari-related projects that I hope will be useful for other Atari 8-bit hobbyists.


Posted version 4.1 of MyIDE Image Manager. Other than some bugfixes and performance improvements, new features include marking images as requiring BASIC, and automatically enabling BASIC on boot of those images. Also, the image table format has changed to make it easier to backup and restore the image table. See What's New in the MyIDE Image Manager section for more info. Also, more exciting news is that Hiassoft's great utility, Myidetool now supports the MyIDE Image Manager! Using his program you can build your Atari hard drive or compact flash on the PC and have all your images setup for use by the MyIDE Image Manager as well (check out the command-line options in the help for myidetool for more information.) Questions can be posted in the AtariMax MyIDE+Flashcart forums.

Posted updated versions of both MyIDE Config and MyIDE Image Manager. This update is mainly to more tightly integrate my programs to the built-in image routine of Mr.Atari, but there are some improvements and bug fixes as well. Check out What's New in the MyIDE section.

I've been busy doing things that have, unfortunately, nothing to do with Atari, but I found some time to dig up some old source code of a PC game I was writing in C, and post it up. Mainly in response to a thread I was reading on Atari Age, but I was planning on putting it here for all posterity (probably a bad idea!) anyway.


I own and enjoy using the following Atari 8-bit hardware:

Atari 400, 800, 1200XL (2), 800XL (3), 65XE, 130XE, XEGS (PAL)
Atari 1050, Happy 1050, XF551, 1010 tape recorder, 1025 printer
Atari Touch Tablet, Light Pen
AtariMax 1Mb Flashcart, 8Mb Flashcart, MyIDE+1Mb Flashcart, USB cart, 32-in-1 OS upgrade


MyIDE Tools

Great Atari products! APE, SIO2PC, Flashcarts, MyIDE, USB carts. Forums offer support for all products.

Mr.Atari's Website
Home of Mr.Atari and the MyIDE Project. Documentation and project plans.

Website for all things Atari. Discussions forums for all Atari systems. Great community.
C Cross compiler for most 6502 variants, including the Atari 8bit.

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